You can find many resources and scripts that help you with unity online, but a lot of it has a strongly varying degree of quality. This is an attempt to make the search for you easier.


To avoid unecessary duplication of work, I intend to collect commonly useful scripts in the HFBK-Gitlab at code.hfbk.net/unity. You can see them as useful building blocks you can use for your projects. If you know how to use git you can use git clone to download those scripts to your computer otherwise you can just copy and paste the raw text as well.

Name What does it do Link
FPSContol First-Person-like controls for a Game-Character code.hfbk.net/unity/fpscontrol
Interactable Allow Interaction with Objects (look at a Object press E, execute a script code.hfbk.net/unity/interactable
BindToTrigger A Script that makes it easy to bind actions to a Trigger Volume code.hfbk.net/unity/bindtotrigger
Gazing A Script that allows objects to react when they are seen (works both in FPS and VR) code.hfbk.net/unity/gazing
SceneSwitch Change Scenes async. when entering, leaving or staying in a Trigger Volume code.hfbk.net/unity/sceneswitch
SoundManager Play Sound when a volume entered, remember what has been played across scene switches to avoid repition code.hfbk.net/unity/soundmanager
SerialCommunications Example for bidirectional Communication between Arduino and Unity code.hfbk.net/unity/serialcommunications

Project Files

Note: to download klick the small download icon left of the blue "Clone"-Button

Name Link
Kugelprojekt code.hfbk.net/unity/kugelprojekt
Arduino ExampleScene-Serial
SceneSwitch SceneSwitch
SoundTerrain SoundTerrain

Learning Resources

Title Language Link
Official Unity Documentation & Coding Reference English docs.unity3d.com
Unity Crashkurs German Youtube Playlist
Great videos on various topics English Youtube Channel
Offical Unity Learning Plattform English learn.unity.com
Unity Game Development Cookbook (O'Reilly) English O'Reilley

Advanced Topics

Title Description Link
How to integrate Arduino with Unity Blog post showing how to get bidirectional communication between a computer with Unity and an Arduino alanzucconi.com
Game Development Patterns in C# Blog post about how to structure C#-Code in general vironit.com
Title Description Where
ProGrids A useful Extension of the existing Grid System. Here is a tutorial video Package Manager (activate Advanced > Show preview packages)
ProBuilder Advanced Modelling in Unity. Watch Tutorials here Package Manager
Terrain Tools Additional Brushes and Tools. Check this introduction Package Manager (activate Advanced > Show preview packages)
Terrain Tools Sample Asset Pack Example Brushes and Textures you can freely use for your Terrains. Check the Store Page Asset Store
Ardity Enables Serial Communication with Arduino & Co. Check their site Asset Store