02. Navigation

Scene View

Scene View Pane

A editor in which you can design your scene.
Per default you have a camera called Main Camera, a Sun called Directional Light in the Scene.

You can navigate with:

Action 3-Button Mouse 2-button mouse or track-pad Mac with only one mouse button or track-pad
Move Alt+MMB Ctrl+Alt+LMB Alt++LMB
Orbit (only 3D mode) Alt+LMB Alt+LMB Alt+LMB
Zoom Scroll or Alt+RMB Alt+RMB Alt+Ctrl+LMB or two-finger swipe

Game View

Game View Pane

A Preview of the resulting Game. Note the "Maximize on Play"-Toggle on top

Asset Store

Asset Store Pane

Get/Buy Ressources for your Game


The toolbar is located in the upper left area of the Window and looks like this: Unity Toolbar

Icon Name What it does
Hand Tool Icon Hand Tool Pan around in the Scene
Move Tool Icon Move Tool Change the Position of individual GameObjects (in XYZ Direction)
Rotate Tool Icon Rotate Tool Change the Rotation of individual GameObjects (in XYZ Direction)
Scale Tool Icon Scale Tool Change the Scaling of individual GameObjects – from its Center or Pivot Point
Rect Transform Tool Rect Transform Tool Change the Scaling of individual GameObjects – from its Corners
Transform Tool Icon Transform Tool A combination of the Move, Rotate and Scale-Tools

There can be more Tools depending on the selected Object.


Hierarchy Pane


Inspector Pane

Lists all Components of the currently selected object. You can e.g.:


Project Pane

Lists all Assets you created. Assets allow you to create and store reusable:


Displays any kind of warning, error or debug message your Scripts might produce.

A simple example would be:

  1. Go to the Project-Pane
  2. Create an Asset called C#-Script with Rightclick
  3. Rename it to ExampleScript and doubleclick it to open the Default Editor
  4. Add the line Debug.Log("Hello there, I am debug Output"); in the Start()-block of the existing code. Things should look like this
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class ExampleScript : MonoBehaviour
    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Start()
        Debug.Log("Hello there, I am debug Output");

Save the file

  1. Go back to Unity, Drag the Script from the Asset Pane into the Inspector Pane of any object
  2. Switch to the Console Pane
  3. Run the Game using the Play Button.

You now should see your message in the Console:

Console Pane